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John Antioco

Industry Expertise: Consumer / Restaurants

Mr. Antioco is Chairman of TGI Friday’s, a global bar and grill restaurant chain, and Chairman of Red Mango, Inc., a quick-service frozen dessert chain. Mr. Antioco is also a lead investor in Red Mango and in a chain of primarily Friendly’s Restaurant franchises.

Prior to TGI Friday’s, Mr. Antioco served as Chairman of Rave Cinemas, LLC, a movie theater chain; Chairman and CEO of Blockbuster Inc., a video rental retailer; President and CEO of Taco Bell Corporation, a division of PepsiCo, the nation’s largest quick-service Mexican restaurant chain; and Chairman and CEO of Circle K, the nation’s largest operator of company-owned convenience stores, where he organized a management-led leveraged buyout of the company.

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