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TGI Fridays Announces the Launch of New "People of All Stripes" Manifesto in conjunction with World Kindness Day

TGI Fridays Press Release

Famous brand promotes people coming together from all walks of life to enjoy food, drinks, and inclusion

TGI Fridays, the global restaurant brand with a 50-year reputation for bringing people together has officially announced the launch of its all-new marketing manifesto and branding campaign, "People of All Stripes" in conjunction with World Kindness Day. The new multi-channel campaign focuses on the spirit of inclusiveness, but the company says encouraging unity has been part of the brand's DNA since its founding.

"We've always been dedicated to giving People of All Stripes a Place to unite," said Ray Blanchette, TGI Fridays' CEO as an introduction to the campaign. "Our key message is that TGI Fridays welcomes everyone with open arms no matter where they come from, what they look like, how they're dressed, where they stand on the issues, or who they choose to love… We celebrate all the people, from all different walks of life, who come together to make TGI Fridays such a unique and special place."

Blanchette further explained that the concept is both a rallying cry and a reminder that no matter what divides people in the outside world, the only thing that comes between people at TGI Fridays is a table filled with delicious food, a bar filled with amazing drinks, or memories made together while having a great time. "We love that this campaign is all about real people – real servers, real bartenders, and real guests," he added. "Because that's what TGI Fridays is about. People coming together." He added that the timing of the launch fits perfectly with World Kindness Day.

Reading Between the Stripes
As the campaign theme of People of All Stripes suggests, Fridays classic red-and-white stripes also feature strongly in the campaign, with a message that those stripes stand for something – an open invitation for People of All Stripes to come in, sit down, and enjoy themselves. Over the years, the Fridays stripes have appeared everywhere from restaurant awnings and menus to employee uniforms. The brand's natural evolution has generated different versions of its core vision to bring people together – but one constant has been their symbol of stripes as a representation of inclusivity.

"People are hungry for common ground," said Blanchette. "As evident in our campaign launch, we uphold the Fridays' global heritage and welcome the diversity of our time. It's a reminder that when life gets complicated, the simple things matter most – like good food, happy servers and two-way communications where people can actually talk to each other. I know we're all looking forward to welcoming new friends and fans of all stripes to come through our doors and experience it themselves."

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