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TGI Fridays and Delish Shake Up Social Media and the Bar Scene with Holiday Cocktail Menu

TGI Fridays Press Release

Partnership invites People of All Stripes to bridge the gap between online and in-person interaction with seasonally themed $5 craft beverages

There is something new in the shaker at TGI Fridays. The iconic bar is launching an inaugural partnership with Delish, the largest food media brand on the internet to give its guests a distinctively different way to enjoy a toast-worthy holiday. In the spirit of unity and celebration, TGI Fridays announced the innovative social-media-meets-real-world-craft by creating a unique new festive holiday cocktail menu.

"In today's world, we believe we can create more happier hours when we come together over delicious cocktails based on the holiday's favorite flavors. This is a way to bridge the gap between the online and social world of Delish and the inclusive atmosphere of TGI Fridays," explained Cindy Syracuse, TGI Fridays Vice President of Marketing. "Sometimes the online world can get a bit lonely, and since TGI Fridays is the place where everyone comes together, it only made sense to blur the lines between the two with a cocktail experience guests can only get at Fridays when they don't have time or energy to make drinks at home."

"We built Delish to be the most fun food party on the internet—a place where people come for great ideas and great laughs—and now we can bring that experience right to your local TGI Fridays," added Joanna Saltz, Editorial Director of Delish.

Beginning December 1st, TGI Fridays will be featuring three cocktails co-designed by TGI Fridays and Delish cocktail editors for the entire month of December – the Delish Mistletoe Margarita made with Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila and cranberry; the Delish Santa Clausmopolitan with SKYY Vodka, cranberry and pomegranate; and the Delish Jack Frostie with SKYY Vodka, blue Curacao and sparkling wine. All of the Delish cocktails will be part of the full TGI Fridays $5 holiday cocktail menu available Dec. 1st – 31st at all participating restaurants. Delish will be featuring recipes and make-it-yourself videos on their website and social media outlets throughout December, so Fridays fans can recreate the drinks themselves any time they like.

"These are the kinds of holiday-themed cocktails that bring people together – online, in restaurants, around your holiday or new year's table, and everywhere else people enjoy sharing good times and holiday favorite flavors," said Syracuse. "Teaming up with Delish lets us showcase our creativity behind the bar while also custom creating some new, totally trend-worthy tastes for our People of All Stripes to try being their own mixologists."

The Delish Feature Cocktails:
Designed to offer a variety of tastes to suit happy hour, late night, with lunch or dinner, or as an accompaniment to the brand's recent return of Endless Appetizers, the Delish cocktail creations include:

- Delish Mistletoe Margarita – Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila mixed with triple sec and cranberry juice served in a frost-rimmed glass.
- Delish Santa Clausmopolitan – SKYY Vodka, triple sec, and a mix of pomegranate and cranberry juices all shaken with ice and poured into a classic martini glass with a sippable sugar rim.
- Delish Jack Frostie – SKY Vodka, blue Curacao and Wycliff Brut Sparkling Wine blended together into a chilly slushie and topped with snowflake sprinkles.

Other $5 Holiday Beverages:
Alongside the Delish featured cocktails, the TGI Fridays holiday drink menu includes a few other seasonally influenced beverages at the same $5 price point.

- Holiday Sangria – Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Canyon Road Cabernet, pineapple juice, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar for a spicy-yet-fruity rendition of traditional red sangria.
- Candy Cane Shake – Vanilla ice cream with peppermint, whipped cream, and sprinkles – also available with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum for just $2 more.
- Bacardi Rum & Coke
- $3 Bud Light – 16 oz draft

"There's a lot to celebrate this year," said Syracuse. "Whether it's holiday fun with friends and family, some well-deserved time off from work, or looking forward to the New Year, TGI Fridays has the perfect way to say 'cheers' this season. And, as our holiday gift to all our fans, we're happy to share our recipes for getting into the holiday spirit with Delish."

Price and participation may vary by location. Void where prohibited by law. Dine-in only. Must be 21 or older to order alcohol. Other restrictions may apply as required by local liquor laws and policies. Please drink responsibly.

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