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PF Chang’s Opens First To-Go Location Filling Chinese Food Flunk

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P.F. Chang’s is changing the Chinese takeout game

P.F. Chang’s is changing the Chinese takeout game.

The Asian-inspired restaurant practices the tradition of wok cooking and is popular for its handmade delicacies and signature dishes like Chang’s lettuce wraps.

Now P.F. Chang’s enthusiasts can take their favorite menu items to-go at the first-ever P.F. Chang's takeout location in River North, Chicago, which opened Monday. The franchise plans to expand on-demand service to other large cities, according to the company.

During the past five years, there’s been a significant decline in Chinese restaurants in the top 20 metropolitan areas, according to Yelp. The data reflects a 0.8 of a percent drop in Chinese food establishments, which equates to 1,200 fewer restaurants when more than 15,000 were being added.

Metropolitan Chinese establishments make up 6.5 percent of all restaurants, now gaining back some traction with P.F. Chang’s' entrance into the market.

The P.F. Chang's To Go concept allows a wider range of consumers in highly-populated areas to enjoy the restaurant's specialties since to-go locations operate on a smaller footprint.

“We’ve seen the evolution of dining and are ready to meet market demand for easily accessible yet elevated Asian cuisine,” said P.F. Chang’s senior vice president of off-premises dining Chris Demery in a statement. "Only 25 percent of U.S. households are conveniently located to a P.F. Chang’s and distance is the number one reason our guests say they are not able to visit us as often as they would like."

The grand opening of the Chicago location is offering a promotion that will give free lettuce wraps for a year to the first 100 customers who order online or in store.

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