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P.F. Chang’s Finally Lands In New York City — With a Delivery-Only Restaurant

Eater New York

P.F. Chang’s new restaurant model is headed to the Financial District

Chinese-American chain P.F. Chang’s is landing in New York City for the first time later this year. The company will be launching P.F. Chang’s To Go, its new takeout, catering, and delivery-only restaurant concept, in the Financial District, Commercial Observer reports. The new restaurant will occupy 2,000 square feet on the ground floor of a building at 60 Fulton Street; neighboring chains at the property include Taco Bell Cantina and Dunkin’. The restaurant is due to open sometime in the fall.

P.F. Chang’s first debuted the smaller restaurant format in Chicago, and Eater Chicago reported at the time that the company planned to open 20 of these new concepts across the country. P.F. Chang’s initially wanted to launch the concept in Manhattan first, but was met with enough of the city’s red tape in the development process that it made more sense to go ahead and open in Chicago. “We just have to adjust to that [consumer desire for convenience] — whether it’s retail goods like Amazon Prime, or food like P.F. Chang’s To Go,” Chris Demery, P.F. Chang’s senior vice president of off-premises dining, told Eater Chicago previously. Multiple other chains, including Wings Squad and Sweetgreen, have already launched delivery-only concepts here in the city.

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