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Iceland Supermarket Brings TGI Fridays Frozen Food to the U.K.

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The frozen foods are available now in the U.K.

In a licensing arrangement brokered by Beanstalk, TGI Fridays is moving into the aisles of the U.K.’s leading frozen food retailer, Iceland, with a range of frozen appetizers and desserts.

The range includes some of TGI Fridays best-selling restaurant items. The frozen appetizers line includes jalapeño cheese bites, boneless hot wings, cajun prawns, mozzarella sticks, cajun spiced onion rings, loaded bacon and cheese skins, warrior fries with cacon, chili beef fries, Fridays wings and Fridays BBQ ribs. Signature TGI Fridays desserts will also be available including the New York Cheesecake and Brownie Obsession.

The new range complements the existing TGI Fridays licensed program which consists of meats and cocktail kits.

“We are thrilled to further extend the range of delicious and much-loved Friday’s menu items for consumers across the U.K. to enjoy at home,” says Louise French, senior vice president, business development and operations, Beanstalk. “The new frozen delights from TGI Fridays are a great way to bring the famous American grill into your home and celebrate that Fridays feeling.”

The frozen foods are available now.

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