TGI Fridays Stacks Its Holiday Menu with Rainbow Cake from Carlo's Bakery

Buddy Valastro's Rainbow Cake is now available at Fridays for the holidays

At TGI Fridays, more colors on your plate doesn't necessarily mean more nutrients.

The American restaurant chain just partnered with Buddy Valastro (of Cake Boss and Carlo's Bakery fame) to dish out his photogenic Rainbow Cake at Fridays locations in honor of the holidays. What does a multicolored cake have to do with the holidays? We have literally no clue, but it's fun and it's tasty, so we're not going to question it.

The confection is comprised of six layers of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red-colored vanilla cake, sweet vanilla icing, and rainbow sprinkles, and it's now available by the slice and in whole form at TGI Fridays locations for an undetermined, but finite, amount of time.

Also keep your eyes peeled for TGI Fridays' other seasonal offerings:
- Holiday Pasta: Red- and white-striped cheese tortelloni paired with sautéed chicken, broccoli, and set in Alfredo. Available in single or family-sized portions.
- Spirited Cocktails: New festive drinks for the season (e.g., the Henny by the Fire, a twist on the Strawberry Henny that includes a spicy splash of Fireball).

There. Now you have an entrée, drink, and dessert to complete your holiday dinner.



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